Safes for Homes and Businesses in Exeter, Silverton and Crediton

Safes are invaluable assets for both homes and businesses, providing robust protection for vital documents, precious valuables, and other important items. Whether you're safeguarding family home or securing financial records at your business, investing in a quality safe can give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are well-protected.


In today's world, safeguarding your valuables, documents, and other essential items is paramount for both homeowners and business owners. We understand this requirement, and thus, we offer a comprehensive range of safes tailored to meet these needs, If you require a safe call the expert Locksmiths for Crediton, call ASAP.


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Wall Safes in Exeter

Wall Safes: The Hidden Security

Our range of wall safes provides a concealed security solution, seamlessly merging with your
interior design. Perfect for both residential and commercial use, these safes can be easily
mounted into your wall, providing an additional layer of security while remaining discreet.

Combination Lock Safes: Secure and Simple

No keys? No problem. Our combination lock safes eliminate the need for keys, providing a
simple yet highly secure solution to safeguard your valuables. With a customizable code,
you'll have easy access to your items while keeping them safe from unauthorized access.

Wall Safes in Devon

Key Safes: Traditional Security Meets Modern Design

For those who appreciate the traditional security of a key, our key safes are a perfect choice. As security specialists, we offer key safes that combine classic key security with modern, robust design. This blend allows for excellent security while ensuring your safe matches the aesthetic of your space.


Whether you're looking to protect personal valuables at home or secure vital documents in your office, our extensive range of safes offers a solution for everyone. Let us help you enhance your security today.

Floor Safes: The Ultimate in Concealed Protection

When it comes to maximum security, our floor safes offer the highest protection for your valuables. Completely concealed inside the floor and accessible with an electronic or key lock, these robust safes are perfect for protecting important items without drawing attention.

Stand-Alone Safes: The Portable Solution

Finally, for those who require a portable safe solution, our stand-alone safes are the perfect choice. Easy to transport and yet highly secure, these lightweight safes provide excellent defence against theft or damage.


If you're looking for a quality security solution that won't break the bank, look no further than our range of home and office safes. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee secure protection for your valuables, documents, and other essential items. Contact ASAP today your local locksmiths in Silverton to find out more!


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Locksmiths Silverton

At ASAP, our dedicated team of security experts are here to help protect what mattersmost to you. Let's get started today!


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